Beer Infused PEI Sea Salt

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In collaboration with The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company!

Pure PEI sea salt collected by hand from crystal clear North Shore PEI seawater, on an incoming tide. Includes four Upstreet beer infused salts:

Commons Infusion (30g)
Golden seasalt perfect as a finishing touch on your favourite fresh shellfish.

Rhuby Social Infusion (30g)
Works wonders when sprinkled onto fresh summer fruit and veg, or as a finishing touch for your favourite spicy dishes.

Do Gooder Infusion (30g)
This salt favours smoky foods. Perfect for adding an extra layer of salty-sweet caramelized flavour to anything hot off the grill.

William Windsor Infusion (30g)
Perfect to add a rich and decadent finish to a slow-roasted beef brisket.