Little Miss Sunshine, May 19, 8pm (19+)

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“Little Miss Sunshine: I Tried to Kill Myself, Spent a Week in the Psych Ward, and My Boyfriend Left Me: a Memoir” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a standup routine/one woman show/tell all memoir that no one asked for. Join Hannah McGaughey as she takes you through a chronological telling of one trauma to the next and tries to make sense of her relationship with existence.

Hannah McGaughey (she/her) is a Charlottetown based artist/nursing student. Born and raised in PEI, Hannah recently returned home following a two year stint in Toronto. Hannah is looking forward to premiering her new work, “Little Miss Sunshine,” at Upstreet Craft Brewing and is hopeful that audiences will be able to resonate with shared fundamental human experiences while also having a laugh along the way.

Content warning: “Little Miss Sunshine” contains mature language and discussion of sexual assault, suicide, mental illness, religious trauma, and other adult themes.

Photos by Kari Kruse