Receiver Coffee

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At Receiver Coffee, their goal is to provide the Island community with coffee that is sweet, exciting, and delicious as well as ethically and transparently sourced.

We are carrying two 240g bangs of their most coffee blends:

Operator Blend

Origin: Colombia, Papua New Guinea
Region: Tomila, Tambuna
Processing: Fully Washed
Flavour Notes: Balanced acidity, chocolate and red fruits.

“The Operator” is our flagship blend and your new best friend. The Operator balances sweetness and big bodied juiciness with a mild acidity. This is a very accessible coffee that can be enjoyed by anyone. This blend is a great espresso or filter coffee.

Honduras, Jose Moreno
Farmer: Jose Moreno, Finca El Barracon
Region: El Cedral, Santa Barbara, Honduras
Processing: Fully Washed
Varietals: 70% Pacas , 30% IHCAFE 90. 4000 plants.
Flavour Notes: Demerara Sugar, Milk Chocolate, Creamy Body

We are very proud to be offering this lot from Mr. Jose Moreno for a second year in a row In. 2017/2018 Mr. Moreno harvested his first specialty grade crop. Jose made the switch to specialty because he saw that there was a much greater potential for profitability and sustainability on his 0.7 hectare farm.